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This site was first developed in 2009 to help explore and share the history I have found for Barton trees (and many others). The main Barton line in these trees relates to my grandparents, Kenneth Asa Barton (1899 -1992) and Thelma Huntington (1902-1990), who resided for most of their lives in Beaver, Utah. Many other branches related to my Barton line are found here also, including the surnames of Cooper, Lewis, Hunter, Huntington, King, Morgan, Penn, Walker, West and countless others that I have found are connected to the these families over many generations.

The photo at right is the family of William Barton and Sarah Esther West, grandparents of my grandfather, Kenneth Asa Barton..

This site also extensively covers the families of my mother's parents, Kenneth Carol Creason (1908-2003) and Faye Irene Lawrence (1909-1990), originally from Milan, Missouri, and later from Alhambra, California. Branches related to these grandparents include the names of Brookshire, Hudnall, Jacobs, Moody, Moore, Nelson, Parish, Payne, Talbert, Starns, Stringer and others.

And you'll also find a lot of info for the surnames I'm connected to by marriage, such as Ginter, McCabe, Morilla, Owen, Stover, Thomas, White and many others. So far, there are more than 17000 people listed in these pages connected to more than 4000 families.


Barton Branch #1: If you're interested in this research, you might be interested to know Kenneth Asa Barton's unbroken ancestry has been traced back to William Barton, born about 1762 in Orange County, North Carolina. He married Nancy Hunter. I have not found any firm information on William Barton's parents, so I have not yet been successful in tracing this line to England, although it is believed this line came from Lancashire. There are some trees out there claiming his parents were John Barton (1728-1749) of England, and his wife Betsy (1732-1749), yet none offer any evidence. More info about this Barton branch would be nice to find.

Barton Branch #2: This branch descends through my grandmother, Thelma Huntington (Kenneth Barton's wife). This Barton line is completely independent of the first Barton line. It goes like this....
Thelma's mother was Melissa Alice Allen (1877-1964). Melissa's mother was Mary Ann Barton (1842-1914). This Barton line has been traced past Mary Ann's father, William Barton (1807-1856), who came with Mary Ann from Southport, Lancashire, England. He and his daughter converted to the Mormon faith in England and later immigrated to America. After arriving to America, he didn't survive the long trek across the plains to Utah, but his daughter, Mary Ann, settled in Southern Utah and married John Allen, my 2nd great-grandfather.

Mary Ann Barton's autobiography and history can be found in my pages, along with the complete tree databases found here AND all documents, photos and stories. If you're an subscriber, you may find my trees there by logging into and placing into your browser address bar.

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, PLEASE CONTACT ME.
Best regards,
Dave Barton

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If you are related to anyone in these branches, a user account may be obtained for greater access to this database, but that's not needed to view most of the information here. Information for living people will not be viewable to the public, except for those with specific user permissions granted. If you or your family are connected to these branches, feel free to contact me.

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