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These pages were developed to share my genealogy and history research for my BARTON (paternal) and CREASON (maternal) family lines, without making you pay for an expensive subscription service.  Access to all info here is at no cost. I make it available this way so more people doing this research can see it. 

There are many connecting families, some of which you will see below. 
More than 17,000 people have been listed in my tree so far.

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BARTON Line #1 (813 total with this surname)
William Barton & Nancy Hunter of Orange County, North Carolina
9 Generations, over 1500 Descendants.

BARTON Line #2
Robert Barton b. 1657 of Lancashire, England
12 Generations, 183 Descendents.

CREASON Line #1 (1178 total with this surname)
James Isaac Creason of Scotland
9 Generations, over 500 Descendants.

John Creason of Scotland
10 Generations, over 1100 Descendants.

HUNTER (126 with this surname)
James Hunter and Mary Walker of North Carolina
10 Generations, 190 Descendants.

(111 with this surname)
Johannis Huntington of England
14 Generations, 225 Descendants.

WEST (278 with this surname)
Sir Thomas West b. abt 1251 in England,
25 Generations, 879 Descendants

LAWRENCE (46 with this surname)
William Henry Lawrence, b. 1837
7 Generations, 71 Descendants.

STOVER (230 total with this surname)
Christian (Stauffer) Stover died 1735 Virginia. Originally from Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Also Jacob Stover b. 1809 and Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Powelson of  Virginia & Ohio
11 Generations, 298 Descendants.

MCCABE (87 with this surname)
Thomas McCabe b. 1781 Ireland
8 Generations, 90 Descendents.

MORILLA (45 with this surname)
Charles and Christena Morilla of Hanover, Prussia
7 Generations, 86 Descendants.

GINTER (45 with this surname)
Emanuel Ginter b. 1837
6 Generations, 47 Descendants

WHITE (169 with this surname)
George White b. 1700
11 Generations, 166 Descendants

Just some of the many surnames you'll find in BartonAncestry.com:

Abernathy, Allen, Allred, Anderson, Arthur, Ash,

Babcock, Bagwell, Bagwill, Bailey, Beedle, Bishop, Blackner, Bragg, Brookshire, Brown, Bruce, Buck, Bunch, Burchett, Butler,

Card, Carr, Carter, Christensen, Coffey, Cooper, Crane, Creason, Crumbling, Crumley,

Dalton, Davenport, Deardorff, Dugger,

Edson, Edwards, Ellington, English, Evans, Eyre,

Farnsworth, Fennemore, Finger, Flournoy, Fotheringham, Franke,

Gaskell, Gibbons, Gibson, Gilpin, Ginter, Greene, Grindstaff, Gwynne,

Hansen, Harris, Hawkins, Hawley, Henrie, Hickerson, Hoepler, Horman, Hubbell, Hubble, Hudnall, Hunter, Huntington, Hutchings, Hyde,

Jacobs, Jacobson, Jenkins, Jennings, Jones, Jorgensen,

Keller, Kelley, Kenley, Kester, Kirkman, Knollys,

Lawrence, Lee, Lemmon, Lewis,

Marks, Mayfield, McCabe, McNew, McWhirter, Meek, Meeks, Miller, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morelli, Morelly, Morilla, Morrison, Mundy,

Nelson, Nichols, Nixon

O'Donnell, Offutt, Owen,

Parish, Parrish, Payne, Penn, Potter, Primrose, Purkey,

Reed, Reyer (Royer), Richcrick, Roark, Rogers, Rollins,

Seed, Smith, Stafford, Starns, Staub, Stokes, Stover, Stringer,

Talbert, Taylor, Thomas, Townsend, Treadwell,

Vandergoore, Von Braun, Von Keyserlingk, Von Quistorp,

Wagenseller, Walker, Warren, Watson, Webster, West, Wester, White, Wielms, Williams, Williamson, Wix, Woolsey