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Stover History
Regarding Nimrod Stover (1803-1880) and Jacob Stover (1809-1875)
Update November 14, 2022

The true identity of the parents of brothers Nimrod and Jacob Stover was in question for some time.  After I found the below McNabbs document listing Nimrod and Jacob as the sons of Jacob and Dorothy (Neff) Stover, I had mostly accepted that their parents were Jacob Stover (1753-1816) and Dorothy Neff (1777-1816).

Further information surfaced in 2020 within the hand-written Creamer-Stover-Watt document shown on this page.  This document (part shown below) reinforced the information that Jacob and Nimrod were brothers in stating, "Jacob had one Brother named Nimrod."

At first I concentrated on the Jacob Stover of Shenandoah County, Virginia below.  I was conflicted about the parent connection because Jacob Stover's will made NO MENTION of children Nimrod or Jacob.
I later concluded that this is NOT the correct Jacob I was looking for.

The Christian Stover referred below is Christian Stover, Junior of Shenandoah County (1774-1815), who is the son of Christian Stover, Senior (abt 1750-1818), who is the BROTHER of the above Jacob Stover (1753-1816), who I originally thought to be the father of brothers Nimrod and Jacob.

For a while I considered that
Christian Stover, Junior (1774-1815) could be the father of brothers Nimrod and Jacob. If this was true, then Nimrod and Jacob would have also had two sisters, Lydia and Fanny Stover. All of these people appeared to have been orphaned when their father died in 1815. The documents shown below are related to the death and estate of Christian Stover, Junior (1774-1815). and to the guardianship of his minor children.

This is a transcript of an 1815 Shenandoah County Minute Order.

This excerpt is from the following source: http://www.seekingmyroots.com/members/files/G002218.pdf

As you can clearly see, these documents show that there are brothers Nimrod and Jacob Stover who were minor children of Christian Stover (who died 1815).
HOWEVER . . .  I have since concluded this Nimrod and Jacob Stover is NOT the correct Nimrod and Jacob Stover that I am seeking.  As it has turned out, this Nimrod Stover in the above documents died in 1823. The Nimrod Stover I'm seeking would have died in 1880 (there are good records for this). So the work continues.