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Updated: April 6, 2024
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Dave Barton, Prosper, Texas

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William Franklin "Holden" Beedle 1918–1981
William Holden - Actor
BIRTH 17 APR 1918 • O'Fallon, St Clair County, Illinois, USA
DEATH 16 NOV 1981 • Fall, Hood River County, Oregon, USA
6th cousin 2x removed.
Nearby surnames: Meek, Starns, Stringer, Moore, Lawrence, Creason.

Anne Boleyn 1501–1536
Queen of England. Second wife of Henry VIII. King Henry VIII wished to marry Jane Seymour, because Anne had not produced a son. Divorce was not permitted, so he had Anne tried and convicted for treason. She was beheaded.
BIRTH ABT 1501 • England
DEATH 19 MAY 1536 • England
14th great-grandaunt. Her sister Lady Mary Boleyn was 14th great-grandmother.
Nearby surnames: Howard, Tudor, Carey, Knollys, West, Barton.

Philo Taylor Farnsworth 1906–1971
Inventor and father of the television
BIRTH 19 AUG 1906 • Indian Creek, Beaver County, Utah
DEATH 11 MAR 1971 • Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
Paternal 1st cousin of wife of 1st cousin 2x removed.
Nearby surnames: Barton, Bastian, Patterson.

Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd 1904–1934
Notorious Bank Robber
BIRTH 3 FEB 1904 • Georgia
DEATH 22 OCT 1934 • East Liverpool, Columbiana County, Ohio
Shot and killed by FBI agents and police led by FBI agent Melvin Purvis on October 22, 1934 in a corn field in East Liverpool, Ohio.
9th cousin.
Nearby surnames: Echols, Gaines, Daniel, Clardy, Pendleton, Taylor, Penn.

Edwin Powell Hubble 1889–1953
BIRTH 20 NOV 1889 • Marshfield, Webster County, Missouri
DEATH 28 SEP 1953 • Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California
3rd cousin 3x removed.
Nearby surnames: Starns, Stringer, Moore, Lawrence, Creason.

John Doyle Lee 1812–1877
Mormon pioneer. Executed by firing squad for his involvement in the Mountain Meadows Massacre
BIRTH 6 SEP 1812 • Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois
DEATH 23 MAR 1877 • Mountain Meadow, Washington County, Utah
Paternal grandfather of wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed.
Nearby surnames: Barton, Doyle, Groves, Titt.

Marion Robert "John Wayne" Morrison 1907–1979
The Duke.
BIRTH 26 MAY 1907 • Winterset, Madison County, Iowa
DEATH 11 JUN 1979 • UCLA Hospital, Los Angeles, California
9th cousin 1x removed.
Nearby surnames: Parsons, Buck, Hawley, Nichols, Hubbell, Starns.

Richard Milhous Nixon 1913–1994
37th President.
BIRTH 9 JAN 1913 • Yorba Linda, Orange County, California
DEATH 22 APR 1994 • Bronxville, Westchester County, New York
7th cousin 2x removed.
Nearby surnames: Wilson, Scothorn, Gibbons, Ball, Talbot, Lawrence, Creason.

John Penn 1741–1788
A Founding Father of the United States. Signed both the United States Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation.
BIRTH 17 MAY 1741 • Port Royal, Caroline County, Virginia
DEATH 14 SEP 1788 • Townsville, Granville County, North Carolina
1st cousin 7x removed.
Nearby surnames: Taylor, Barton, Lyme.

Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr Von Braun 1912–1977
German-American aerospace engineer. Pioneer of rocket and space technology.
BIRTH 23 MAR 1912 • Pφsen, Saale-Holzland-Kreis, Thόringen, Germany
DEATH 16 JUN 1977 • Alexandria, Alexandria County, Virginia
11th cousin 3x removed.
Nearby surnames: Von Quistorp, Von Below, Von Keyseringk, Gibson, Foulis, Primrose, Bruce, Nichols, Hubbell.

Benjamin West 1738–1820
Historical American Artist-Painter.
BIRTH 10 OCT 1738 • Springfield, Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA
DEATH 11 MAR 1820 • London, England
6th great-granduncle.
Nearby surnames: Pearson, Shewell, Barton.

Sir Thomas West, Lord De La Warr 1577–1618
English explorer, merchant and first governor of Virginia, for whom the Delaware Bay, Delaware River and the Delaware Native Americans were named.
BIRTH 9 JULY 1577 • Wherwell, Hampshire, England
DEATH 7 JUN 1618 • Believed to have died at sea en route for rescue mission to suffering colony at Jamestown, Virginia.
11th great-grandfather.
Nearby surnames: Knollys, Shirley, Swift, Barton.