New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  Sep 1871New York P7342
2 Hannah  Abt 1796New York P11226
3 Lorinda  Abt 1818New York P16544
4 Mariette  Abt 1828New York P17217
5 Ralph Smith  Jun 1830New York P6330
6 Ruth M  Abt 1904New York P225
7 Arnold, Margaret "Jane" I  Abt 1837New York P7951
8 Babcock, Henry Andrews  17 Jul 1891New York P3065
9 Barton, Emery D  Abt 1845New York P16988
10 Beach, James  9 Mar 1828New York P7331
11 Becker, Elsie  Abt 1897New York P14044
12 Becker, Emily  Abt 1901New York P14042
13 Becker, Louise Henrietta  25 Jun 1894New York P4578
14 Becker, Robert H  Abt 1903New York P14043
15 Bliss, Fanny Abiah  29 Apr 1811New York P16981
16 Bly, Katherine "Kate" J  Jan 1870New York P10224
17 Borkland, Alfred G  1899New York P14735
18 Borkland, Helen V  1903New York P14734
19 Butler, Eleanor "Nellie"  Aug 1854New York P10184
20 Cassady, Sarah  Abt 1834New York P11957
21 Crane, William Lafayette Sr  1823New York P3751
22 Deuel, Lewis  1773New York P16817
23 Dingman, Elisabeth Helen  Abt 1846New York P7948
24 Dingman, James P  Abt 1845New York P6691
25 Dingman, Jane H  Abt 1878New York P10907
26 Dingman, Jennie  Mar 1876New York P10906
27 Dingman, May  Sep 1868New York P10911
28 Forbes, Delana  1816New York P5478
29 Green, Smith  3 Jan 1787New York P10730
30 Hawley, Francis Edgar  Abt 1879New York P7281
31 Jochum, John  Abt 1820New York P8493
32 Keeler, Silas S  Abt 1879New York P16377
33 Lawson, John  Abt 1867New York P92
34 Leitch, Cora Emma  30 Sep 1833New York P7332
35 Long, Bertha E  1908New York P7357
36 Matteson, David Albert Sr  Abt 1824New York P11958
37 Maxon, Antonette  Abt 1844New York P14547
38 Maxon, Estrella  1848New York P14545
39 Maxon, Harrison  Abt 1840New York P14549
40 Maxon, Paul C  New York P14541
41 Maxon, Sarah Ann  Abt 1836New York P14550
42 Maxon, Sophia  Abt 1846New York P14546
43 McCabe, Julia  May 1856New York P16415
44 McCabe, Mary Anne  22 Oct 1859New York P16414
45 McCabe, Peter  16 Aug 1855New York P17297
46 McCabe, Thomas  9 Oct 1853New York P17296
47 McCabe, Thomas Allan Edward  Abt 1861New York P50
48 Mulvahill, John P  Abt 1863New York P16454
49 Myerly, Alice J  Mar 1848New York P6690
50 Potter, Jane Ann  1804New York P9686
51 Requa, William Comb  1795New York P7353
52 Richards, Edith "Edie" E  Abt 1861New York P71
53 Ryan, James  Abt 1856New York P1306
54 Smith, George B  New York P9909
55 Smith, George O  May 1853New York P714
56 Snyder, John Jacob  Sep 1863New York P109
57 Taft, Daniel Mijamin  Abt 1828New York P9685
58 Tuttle, John Henry  Abt 1821New York P12852
59 Van Horne, Cornelius Jr  29 Dec 1822New York P17218
60 Vreeland, Phoebe Ann  24 May 1833New York P6775
61 Wakefield, Clara E  Apr 1858New York P12511
62 Wilson, Amelia  Abt 1841New York P17292
63 Wilson, Elizabeth  Abt 1842New York P17291
64 Wilson, Eunice  14 Jun 1860New York P68
65 Wilson, Lucy  Abt 1855New York P17289
66 Wilson, Sarah  Abt 1851New York P17290


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 McCabe, Mary  Aft 1855New York P17298


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Edwards, Aaron Robert  7 Oct 1869New York P163
2 Edwards, Joseph  7 Oct 1869New York P170
3 Edwards, Moses  7 Oct 1869New York P164
4 Edwards, Robert Jr.  13 Jul 1868New York P171
5 Edwards, Sarah Elizabeth  7 Oct 1869New York P160
6 Huntington, Elizabeth  7 Oct 1869New York P117
7 Pass, Rachel  26 Jun 1862New York P2598
8 Walker, James  17 Oct 1874New York P5485


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Brenn, Walter Daniel  8 May 1861New York P16601


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McCabe / McCabe  1853New York F4195
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